About the company

SAATHVIKA A/S is founded on the core values of circular economy with a keen focus on innovation,

resource saving and sustainable growth – for the benefit of our business partners.

Located in Fredericia, SAATHVIKA A/S is a company with extensive international experience in facilitating recovery and recycling of industrial waste and by-products in Denmark and abroad. We collaborate with national and international companies and have over the years established a strong network of trustworthy and reliable business partners.

Our mission is to optimise recycling of industrial waste and by-products. We strive for circular economy and distance ourselves from the linear mindset. At SAATHVIKA A/S the motto is: "One company’s waste, another company’s resource". We work to realise this every single day and our goal is to create the most optimal solutions for you and your company – at the right price.

Our vision is to work for a future with circular economy where all by-products enter into continuous cycles and are used several times. The waste and by-products of the future should be recycled rather than taking up capacity on landfill sites.
SAATHVIKA A/S strives to contribute to the sustainable green transition. We will deliver results and quality and be your trusted business partner.

We offer both supplier and recipient companies the entire palette from consulting and planning to execution assistance.

We consider every single request – and deliver as promised. SAATHVIKA A/S emphasises competent feedback and as customer you help choose the form of cooperation with which you feel comfortable and which is meaningful to you.


Taulov Kirkevej 33
​DK-7000 Fredericia

Phone: +45 40 41 11 32

E-mail: info@saathvika.dk

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